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AI adoption is difficult for many companies. Because AI is empirical, you cannot simply think through it – you have to get your hands dirty. This approach can be daunting for some organisations, especially if they are risk-averse or in highly regulated sectors.

Simon Kriss’s full suite of AI consulting services is designed to deliver the best AI outcomes for your organisation. Each service can be tailored to your organisation, meeting you wherever you are in your AI  journey – from those just beginning to those with a high level of AI maturity.

AI Launchpad

Everything your organisation needs to get started on your AI journey, and none of the stuff you don’t. AI launchpad will build knowledge, interest and engagement with AI across your team.

AI Adoption
AI Adoption

Every organisation’s AI adoption journey is different.  Priorities, markets, readiness and more are considered in creating the best path through our range of AI consulting services, using our AI adoption framework.

AI Governance
AI Governance

AI requires prudent governance. Organisational governance leaders require specialist advice on the many facets of governing AI adoption from opportunity recognition to risk management and ethical considerations.

AI Strategy
AI Strategy

Organisational strategies are being impacted by AI adoption. Deciding what level of AI adoption, and associated disruption, is optimal is complicating strategic planning. Our AI maturity model helps you decipher where you need to be, and why.

AI Launchpad

AI Launchpad is the very first and most important step in your organisation’s AI adoption journey. It is designed to embed AI, especially Generative AI, in your organisation as rapidly as possible – but in a safe, ethical and responsible way.

The AI Launchpad tackles the two immediate problems of AI adoption:

1. Where do we start?
2. How do we start safely?

Firstly, the AI Launchpad will provide your organisation with a detailed set of company-specific Generative AI usage guidelines. More than a list of dos and don’ts, this is a comprehensive framework for all staff on how to safely start adopting Generative AI into their work to make them far more efficient and effective.

Additionally, the AI Launchpad provides your organisation with a one-day, totally immersive masterclass in AI. This masterclass involves education, experiential tasks, and business outcomes that can be leveraged immediately.

This offering is designed to be industry sector-specific, giving insights into how others in the sector are leveraging AI’s transformation. It is perfect for:

Local Government
Banking and Finance
Business Outsourcers, and more

AI Adoption

AI adoption is not simple and not fast. However, it can and should be planned and executed to maximise business benefits and lower risk.

The AI adoption framework covers a range of services tailored to each organisation’s unique AI journey. It takes into account the effort required from various teams across the organisation, from the Board to the frontline.

The aim of the AI adoption framework is to ensure organisations create robust foundations and guardrails to ensure innovation thrives within a calculated risk environment and that organisations are truly ready for AI adoption rather than a ‘buy-and-pray’ approach.

AI Governance

There is now no doubt that AI empowered organisations are outperforming those who have not adopted this transformational technology. However, AI adoption places a burden of governance upon Company Directors, Councillors, and C-suite executives alike.

Governing an AI-enabled organisation requires a level of new knowledge, experience, and depth of experience unseen before. Directors need to understand the opportunities that Generative AI brings to an organisation and all of the risks that this same transformational technology entails.

Governance models for the ethical and responsible adoption of AI are now critical elements of any sound Board’s risk appetite.

We enable Boards to govern in this challenging yet opportunity-laden environment through workshops and ongoing advisory services.

AI Strategy

AI, especially Generative AI, is changing the face of business and government forever. The rate of change is rapid and shows no signs of slowing down.

Considering this, organisational strategies must be adapted to incorporate a level of AI adoption. But how much adoption is enough? And how much transformational disruption can business models sustain?

The AI adoption maturity model enables organisations to determine their AI adoption focus. Some organisations will never want or need to become ‘AI-first’, while others will have their primary markets severely disrupted and will need to respond.


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