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It can be challenging these days to find an AI keynote speaker that will engage and intrigue audiences, who have become more discerning than ever.

Enter Simon Kriss, an expert AI keynote speaker who has long been informing and entertaining audiences across the globe. Simon helps make the complexity of AI less formidable and turns AI into an understandable language with plenty of actionable takeaways.

Simon delivers interesting, engaging and educational addresses that can be customised to any event and cater to audiences from 20 to 2,000.


Keynote presentations are the critical point of any event. They must be engaging, informative and entertaining. Simon delivers on all three elements with audiences and organisers alike singing his praises. Keynote topics include AI understanding, AI adoption, Generative AI, Customer Experience and much more. Keynotes can be tailored to provide industry verticals with greater relevance.

Board Level

Company boards and their directors have never been more aware of AI’s impact. However, few truly understand its transformative power and associated organisational risks. Simon works with company boards to help them understand the opportunities and threats of being an AI-enabled organisation and grasp the governance principles of AI adoption.

Conference Workshops

Conference success hinges on the quality of the content and how that content is delivered. Audiences demand usable takeaways and a ‘return on time investment’. Simon regularly delivers outstanding conference workshops on topics such as AI adoption, Responsible AI, AI-empowered customer experiences and more.


The success of a webinar hinges on high-quality content and delivery. Simon Kriss delivers engaging, informative, and interactive webinars that provide actionable takeaways. Customised for specific industry verticals, Simon’s webinars ensure maximum relevance and value. Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to drive innovation and success with Simon’s expertise.


If you’ve booked Simon for an upcoming event, you can access photos and biography information for your event collateral, website or communications here.




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